Better Leads, Faster.

Get more customers and more sales from leads you own.

Are Your Current Leads Any Good?

Chasing leads that have been sold to multiple companies is a waste. They don't convert well and they are low-value.

Working with a SLAC?

Nice guys, bad work. You should expect better. We have a term for those companies- SLACs.

Sh*tty Local Ad Companies.
Time to get

Branded Leads
We combine experience with machine learning to deliver the right ads to your potential customers, then direct them to a branded landing page that matches their expectations.

What are Branded Leads?

A Branded Lead is a potential customer that you have acquired through a branded marketing campaign.
Your brand in the ad and your brand on the landing page.

Branded Ad
Branded Landing Page
So, why is this way better?

our work.

Our team has generated $9.273 million for businesses like yours.
"I laughed when I saw they were only charging $500, and then I saw the results... 🤯 🤯 🤯 "

- Chad, Sun City Solar Energy

What Are Your Competitors Doing?


How Our Pricing Works:

Starting At:

Per month
  • 1 Custom landing page that includes:
    - call tracking number
    - SMS/text contact
    - email capture

  • Campaign Creation and Management
    - Google PPC ads
    - Facebook/Instagram ads

  • Weekly reporting

  • Monthly Strategy Call