What is a Branded Lead?

What is a Branded Lead?

A Branded Lead is a potential customer that you have acquired through a branded marketing campaign. Your branding and company name in the ad and on your landing page.

Branded Facebook Ad
Branded Landing Page

It typically includes their:

First Name

Email address

Phone number

What is different about a branded marketing campaign?

When you buy leads from a lead aggregator, you are paying the full cost of that site to acquire that customer plus their margin. Most of the time the customer signs up on one site, and then gets phone calls or email from multiple providers leaving the customer and the company (you) frustrated. Your potential customer won’t remember you or your brand name unless you convert them into your customer. You don’t have ownership of that customer's information unless you converted them to a customer..

A branded campaign has your brand front and center. So you get multiple benefits, the potential customer, brand recognition, and their 

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